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Layaway & Payment Plans

Half down is required up front, then a contract binding monthly payment plan will be made for your blance. Failure to pay monthly payment for a single month will result in a reminder letter. Failure to pay monthly payment for a second month will result in a warning letter, miss another payment and your dress will be returned to stock. Failure to pay monthly payment for a third month will result in a final letter stating that your dress has been returned to stock. All monitary amounts that have been paid will be forfited.
The amount in which is paid monthly will depend on how many months you have between purchase and your wedding date.
You may call and make a payment over the phone with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover if it is more convient, however if you want to put a card number on file we can NOT run the card without a phone call confirming the transaction. It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep up with payments. 
Gowns are more than welcome to stay in storage free of charge after paid in full up until the date of your event. Gowns that stay in storage after the date of the event has past are charged a weekly storage fee of $20 a week +tax for service.
All gowns must be paid for in full before an alteration appointment can be made.
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