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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to make an appointment to try on wedding gowns?
In order to give you the one on one full attention of our bridal consultants, appointments are nessesary to give you the best shopping experience we possibly can.
How long are bridal appointments?
Bridal appointments are for an hour. Second appointments can be made for a refit.
Do you need an appointment to try on bridesmaids or prom gowns?
No. There are always sales consultants on the first floor to assist you and your guests.
May I take pictures of the bridal gowns during my appointment?
Yes, we encourage you to take as many pictures as you need of both bridal and bridesmaids gowns.
We don't however allow pictures of our prom gowns. Pictures of prom gowns may only be taken once the dress is purchaused. 
Why do I have to be 18 years or older or have a parent or guardian to purchause gowns from your store?
Per liability purpuses we require you to be 18 years or older becuase when you purchase anything from our store you sign a binding contract that all sales are final. Parent/guardians are required for underage customers to purchase merchanise. 
I'm over 18 but can I use a relatives credit card without them there?
No. Even if they gave you permisson, law requires the person of whom the name on the card reads to be there during any transactions.
 Do the dresses run true to size?
No. Don't be suprised if you find that prom gowns run 2-3 sizes smaller, bridesmaids run 3-5 sizes smaller and bridal gowns 3-5 sizes smaller than your normal jean size.


How long in advance do I need to order my wedding gown?
Wedding gowns take a maximum of 4 months to be delivered. We recommend ordering at least 6 months before your wedding date at the lastest, this gives you time for alterations as well.
How long in advance do I need to order my bridesmaids gowns?
Bridesmaids gowns take 3-4 months time to be delieverd. We have a very small selection of gowns that can be delivered in about a week. We do NOT sel any bridesmaids off the rack as they are all stampled sample.
How much money is required to place a special order?
Half down is required for any speical orders (bridesmaids or bridal), then you will have 30 days after gown is recieved in our store to pay the balance. Failure to pay balance within those 30 days could result in gown being returned to stock. 
How does layaway work?
Half down is required up front, then a contract binding monthly payment plan will be made for your blance. Failure to pay monthly payment for a single month will result in a reminder letter. Failure to pay monthly payment for a second month will result in a warning letter, miss another payment and your dress will be returned to stock. Failure to pay monthly payment for a third month will result in a final letter stating that your dress has been returned to stock. All monitary amounts that have been paid will be forfited.
I don't live near your store or I'm from out of town how can I convienently make a payment?
No worries, you can make a quick and easy mayment over the phone. We will never run your card numbers monthly without your permission so it is your responsibility to call us monthly to allow us to run your card or give us a different card number.
Do you track what prom dresses are purchased for which school?
Yes. We keep track of all dresses that are sold for each school so that no one purchases the same dress from us. We do not release names to the public of who bought what.
I need to think about it, do you hold?
We do not hold any anything. In addition, all sales are final so there are no returns, exchanges or refunds. You must be sure of your decision.
I completed all my payments but still have time before my event, can I leave it at the store?
Yes. You can leave your gown at the store for free storage until your event. Failure to pick up the dress after the event date has passed will result in stoarge fees of $20 a month. If there is a change of plans and the date is no longer the same, give us a call and we will correct your paperwork to avoid any unnessesary fees.

Alterations & Pressing Gowns

Do you have a seamstress at your store?
Yes however she is not our employee, she is an independant so her services are a seperate charge. She comes to our location Thursday evenings by appointment only.
Can I use the seamstress if I didnt buy the gown from your store?
Unfourtunatly no. We reserve her appointments for our customers only, however we have suggestions of other great seamstresses in the area as well. Call and ask for details.
How long do alteration appointments take and when will it be back?
Bridal alteration appointments take 30 minutes and all other gowns take 15 mintues. The time in which it will take to be returned is highly dependent on what type of services your gown requires and volume of customers. Typical time for bridal gowns is 1-3 weeks and all other gowns are about 1-2 weeks.
Do you press me gown before my event?
We press your gowns when they first arrive at our store. We can however press your gown again before your event if you choose. Charges for bridal gowns are $100 for for small to medium fullness and $150 for large fullness. Charges for all other gowns $35. Ask an employee for details. 


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